Appendix IV
Internal Reference Tables

Programs with sub-section "IV. Other Information" descriptions in Parts 4 and 5:
CFDA Number
Type A/B Program Schedule Federal Awards
10.553 Child Nutrition Cluster X
10.558 Child and Adult Food Care Program X
17.225 Unemployment Insurance X
83.516 Disaster Assistance X
84.063 Federal Pell Grant Program (PELL) X
93.558 Temporary Assistance for Needy Families X X
93.575 Child Care Development Block Grant X X
93.667 Social Service Block Grant (Title XX) X X

The "IV. Other Information" for the following ED programs is located in 84.000, the ED Cross-Cutting Section
84.010 Title I Grants to Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) X X
84.011 Migrant Education - Basic State Grant Program X X
84.027 Special Education--Grants to States X X
84.173 Special Education--Preschool Grants X X
84.186 Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities--State Grants X X
84.281 Eisenhower Professional Development State Grants X X
84.288 Bilingual Education-- Program Development and Implementation Grants X X
84.290 Bilingual Education--Comprehensive School Grants X X
84.291 Bilingual Education--Systemwide Improvement Grants X X
84.298 Innovative Education Program Strategies X X

Program currently designated as "Higher Risk" by OMB pursuant to Circular A-133, §___.525(c)(2):
CFDA Number
93.778 Medicaid Cluster

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