November 5, 1997



SUBJECT: Information on Relocation Expenses for Federal Employees

1. Purpose. The purpose of this Bulletin is to provide instructions for preparing information necessary to accurately report the expenses of Federal employee relocation.

2. Background and authority. Section 635 of the Treasury, Postal Service, and General Government Appropriations Act, FY 1998 (P.L. 105-61), directs OMB to require all Federal departments and agencies to report total obligations for the expenses of employee relocation associated with the past, current, and budget years (FY 1997-1999). OMB is required to compile this information in the form of a table, presenting obligations for the expenses of employee relocation for all departments and agencies, and transmit this table to Congress each year as part of the President's annual budget.

3. Coverage. This Bulletin applies to all executive branch departments and agencies.

4. Definitions. For the purposes of this Bulletin, employee relocation expenses are payments to Federal employees for costs related to permanent change in a workstation; i.e., when the Federal government pays a person to move residence because he or she is assigned to work in a different place; e.g., city, state, or country. All obligations incident to employee relocation authorized under either chapter 57 of title 5, United States Code, or section 901 of the Foreign Service Act of 1980 (22 U.S.C. 4081; Public Law 96-465), shall be included. These obligations are normally reported as part of the following object classes (OC):

5. Required Materials. The information should be provided in the format of the attached table (Exhibit A).

6. Due dates. The information is due to OMB no later than five days after the MAX data base supporting the FY 1999 Budget is closed to agency input. Agencies should send Exhibit A to the OMB Resource Management Office (RMO) with primary budget responsibility for the agency.

7. Information contact. Inquiries concerning this Bulletin may be addressed to the OMB representatvie with primary budget responsibility for the agency.

Franklin D. Raines


Exhibit A

OMB RMO Contact:
Agency Contact:
Phone Number:

Employee Relocation Expenses

Past Year

FY 1997

Current Year

FY 1998

Budget Year

FY 1999

Total* $ $ $

*obligations in millions of dollars

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