October 9, 1997



SUBJECT: Apportionment Under the Continuing Resolution for Fiscal Year 1998

1. Purpose. This Bulletin automatically apportions a pro-rated share of amounts provided by the continuing resolution (CR) for fiscal year 1998 and requires written apportionments for requests for amounts that are greater than the amount automatically apportioned.

2. Background. H.J. Res 94 provides continuing apportions for the period October 1, 1997, through October 23, 1997. This instruction supplements the instructions for OMB Circular No. A-34.

3. Automatic Apportionments. The amount automatically apportioned through the period ending October 23, 1997, is calculated by multiplying the rate provided by 6.3%. For the rate provided, use the rate of operations not exceeding the current rate for each program, project, or activity (PPA), except if:

(a) The President's budget request, the amount as passed by the House (if any), and the Senate (if any) are less than the amount for current operations. Use the rate for operations not exceeding the greater of the rates that would be provided by the budget request, the amount as passed the House, or the amount as passed the Senate for the PPA.

(b) Zero-funded by the House and/or Senate, but the PPA was conducted in FY 1997 and there is a FY 1998 budget request. Use the rate for operations not exceeding the lesser of the rates that would be provided by the budget request or the rate for current operations for the PPA.

4. Written Apportionment. A written apportionment is required if an amount different from the total amount automatically apportioned is needed.

Franklin D. Raines

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