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Program: Support Training Results In Valuable Employment, New York, NY
Contact(s): Rob Carmona, Executive Director: (212) 360-1100
Purpose: To train inner-city residents in securing private sector jobs

Background Program Operations Outcomes


Support Training Results In Valuable Employment (STRIVE), established in 1984, provides young adults who have experienced difficulty in securing and maintaining employment with the tools to successfully enter the job market. Working in conjunction with several other community-based organizations, STRIVE is a nationally recognized program operating in Boston, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Fort Lauderdale. Its central office is in East Harlem, New York.

Program Operations

STRIVE operates a three-week long job readiness workshop based on positive attitude and good communication skills that are essential for finding and maintaining employment. The training model emphasizes rigorous self-examination, critical thinking, management relationships and team building as a means to increase participants' sense of empowerment. STRIVE also offers a career development program called Access Support and Advancement Partnership (ASAP) for graduates who have successfully maintained employment for eight months. ASAP provides training to help program participants advance in the labor market and acquire livable wage jobs in growth industries. Evening-hour training sessions are available to better suit program participants' work schedules.

Outcomes and Significant Accomplishments

While most of its clientele is African American and Latinos, STRIVE works with all young adults. Eighty percent of STRIVE graduates are consistently placed in jobs, and 75-80% of those placed are able to retain employment for at least two years. In 1997, STRIVE's New York-based operations placed 2,639 young men and women in private sector jobs. The most recent quarterly follow-up showed that roughly 77% were still employed.

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