Georgia Is Moving In The Right Direction

Unemployment Is Down. The unemployment rate in Georgia has declined from 6.2% in January 1993 to 4.3% in July 1997.

Over 550,000 New Jobs In Georgia. 557,900 new jobs since 1993 -- employment growth 4 times faster than the four years before President Clinton took office.

Exports From Georgia Are Up 54%. In the first 6 months of 1997, Georgia's goods exports were running at a rate of $10.3 billion -- up 54% since 1992. Georgia's exports of manufactured products went from $6.1 billion in 1993 to $9.6 billion in 1997* -- an increase of 59%.

121,200 Jobs In Georgia Are Supported By Trade. Jobs supported by goods exports increased 24% -- up 23,000 since 1992 to 121,200 jobs in 1997*-- paying an average of 15% more than non-trade related jobs.

Industrial Machinery and Computer Exports Are Up 81%. Industrial machinery and computer exports have increased 81% since 1993 from $871 million to over $1.6 billion in 1997* -- creating more higher paying jobs for more Georgians.

36,000 New Manufacturing Jobs In Georgia. 35,900 new manufacturing jobs -- after falling by 19,000 during the four years before President Clinton took office.

Household Incomes Are Up $2,800 In Georgia. Since 1992, real median household income in Georgia has increased by $2,818 -- from $31,281 in 1992 to $34,099 in 1995.

* All figures for 1997 are annualized based on exports for the first 6 months

America Is Moving In The Right Direction; Now Is Not The Time To Turn Back

President Clinton's three part economic strategy of cutting the deficit, investing in our people through education and training and opening more markets to U.S. goods is working. Now is the time to continue that progress by renewing fast track authority to help create more jobs that pay more.

13 Million New Jobs. The economy has created nearly 13 million new jobs under President Clinton. Private sector job growth rate nearly 8 times greater than during previous Administration.

Unemployment Rate Down To 24-Year Low. In 1992, the unemployment rate was 7.5%. Today it is under 5% -- as low as it's been at any time in the last 24 years.

1.7 Million New Export-Related Jobs -- Paying On Average 15% Higher Wages. Since President Clinton took office, the number of export-related jobs has increased by 1.7 million.

Family Income Up $1,600. After stagnating for 20 years, family incomes are rising again. Since 1993, the income of the typical American family increased by $1,631, after adjusting for inflation.

Exports Are Up By Nearly 50%. Since the beginning of 1993, exports from the U.S. have grown by nearly 50% -- up $318 billion -- after adjusting for inflation. Exports have accounted for 38% of the overall growth in the economy since 1993.

Renewed Growth In Key Industries. After a decade of enormous job losses in construction, manufacturing, and autos, these industries have made a remarkable recovery -- more than one million new jobs combined under President Clinton.

Smallest Deficit Among Major Economies. Under President Clinton, the deficit has been cut by more than 80% -- from a record $290 billion in 1992 to an expected $37 billion this year.



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