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Program: Education Alliance in Equity and Excellence in the Nation's Schools
Contact(s): Dr. Adeline Becker, Executive Director: (401) 351-7577, or Maria Pacheco, Director of Equity and Diversity Projects: (401) 351-7577
Purpose: To provide professional development, resources, advocacy and support to educators and parents on ways to improve student achievement

For over 20 years, the Education Alliance in Equity and Excellence in the Nation's Schools (the Education Alliance) has responded to the needs of diverse student populations. Housed at Brown University, the program recognizes that language, culture and diversity are fundamental to education reform. With funding from the both the private sector and federal, state and local government, the alliance creates partnerships with educators, policy makers, researchers and community agencies to support and strengthen racially integrated educational settings. The Education Alliance has five components: the Laboratory At Brown University (LAB), the Equity and Diversity Project (EDP), Superintendents Leadership Initiative (SLI), Field Services (FS) and Program Development/Public Information (PD/PI). LAB is one of 10 federally funded laboratories that conducts research on issues such as standards and assessments in schools, school services and the professional development of students. EDP focuses on activities designed to assist schools across the nation with building partnerships that will enhance the performance of schools. SLI coordinates the activities of the Northeastern Superintendents Leadership Council, a consortium of superintendents who advocate for diversity and excellence in public schools. FS provides pedagological training to educators and PD/PI is the strategic planning arm of the Education Alliance. The Education Alliance approaches its mission through advocacy at the national and local level. By providing leadership training for superintendents and staff through focus groups, designing language and culture curricula, researching and developing publications and supporting educational reforms, the alliance is able to celebrate and promote racial diversity. Through educational reform efforts, the alliance links parents and community more intimately to the larger issues of equity in race, gender and national origin. Indicators of the Education Alliance's success are evident by the expansion of a pool of minority teachers and administrators and the growth in the number of equity advocates and allies throughout the region.

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