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Program: Joplin Globe Diversity Committee, Joplin, MO
Contact(s): Daniel P. Chiodo, President and Publisher: (417) 623-3480
Purpose: To increase diversity in the workplace and the news coverage of diversity issues

Background Program Operations Outcomes


The Joplin Globe Diversity Committee was established in 1996 by The Joplin Globe, a newspaper owned by Ottawa Newspaper, Inc. The committee focuses on increasing awareness on the importance of having a sensitive and culturally diverse workforce in print media. As part of this goal, the committee reviews the newspaper's coverage of diversity issues.

Program Operations

The Joplin Globe Diversity Committee is made-up of staff members at The Joplin Globe who are dedicated to improving race relations. The committee meets bimonthly to discuss matters of diversity relevant to their community. By using tools like videos, committee members believe that these meetings provide a forum for discourse as well as education. The wide exchange of ideas among participants equips committee members with added knowledge to write about race issues and to provide the community with information on diversity. The committee also shows videos to schools to encourage race dialogue, and it uses a video called, "Diversity Diner," which highlights the importance of embracing diversity in an organization.

Outcomes and Significant Accomplishments

Since the creation of the diversity committee, there has been an increase in number of stories that deal with people of color. The committee also plans to get more involved in the community to do presentations and get businesses, industries, and the general public to consider issues of diversity.

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