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Program: Campus Climate Plan, San Jose, CA
Contact(s): Dr. Gabriel Reyes, Assistant to the President for Campus Climate: (408) 924-1098
Purpose: To develop, implement, monitor and assess a campus-wide plan aimed at achieving a nurturing and effective climate for diverse student populations

Background Program Operations Outcomes


San Jose State University is a large metropolitan university with a highly diverse multicultural student population, now over 50% non-white. In 1995, San Jose State University experienced several incidents of racism involving name-calling, racially derogatory flyers, and physical confrontations. In response to these incidents, the university's president, Robert L. Caret, established the Campus Climate Office, which handles all issues relating to the campus and community climate, with an emphasis on diversity and multiculturalism.

Program Operations

Within the Campus Climate Office, there is an advisory committee comprised of members who represent the diverse campus groups. This committee monitors the implementation of recommendations made by the Campus Climate Office. The university also initiated the formation of several ethnic community advisory councils to improve communications, cooperation and collaboration with the major ethnic communities served by San Jose State University. The Campus Climate Office has sponsored two major campus-wide seminars on race and diversity to raise the level of dialogue and education on the issues of race and racial relations. The first seminar involved more than 50 members of the top campus leadership. A larger seminar followed, including significant numbers of students and staff, with over 500 persons in attendance. These seminars take place once a semester.

Outcomes and Significant Accomplishments

The Campus Climate Office coordinated the development of a brochure on race/ethnic discrimination, which includes policies and guidelines on race/ethnic discrimination and action steps for stopping harassment, intimidation or threats. The Campus Climate Office annually sponsors 10 - 15 symposia, cultural presentations/performances, guest speakers, educational panels and other campus events designed to advance the university's objectives. For additional information, look at the Campus Climate Website at

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