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Program: Democracy Resource Center, Lexington, KY
Contact(s): Liz Natter, Director: (606) 278-8644
Purpose: To increase citizen participation in government and help overcome institutional racism

Background Program Operations Outcomes


The Democracy Resource Center (DRC) began in 1990 under the auspices of the Kentucky Local Governance Project (KLGP). DRC's primary goal is to encourage residents to take a greater interest and involvement in local government. Over the years, DRC has placed greater emphasis on working with communities of color to ensure their civic participation in electoral politics as well as to enhance the living conditions of these communities.

Program Operations

The DRC assists people in learning how they can have an impact on decisions their government makes. By building a coalition that addresses race-related issues, the center helps to bridge gaps among racial groups. Through workshops, participants from different counties come together and talk about the manifestation of racism and ways to make inroads toward overcoming institutional racism. DRC's African American membership has also started a leadership-training program to get youth involved in local government decision making.

Outcomes and Significant Accomplishments

DRC has accomplished many goals since its beginning. The program has managed to get African American members onto school boards and commissions, and the program has influenced city policy so that it addresses the needs of people of color. Also, DRC has established an alliance with the Black Mountain Improvement Association, the Justice Resource Center and the Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Oppression to speak out and end institutional racism.

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