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Program: Leadership Conference Education Fund
Contact(s): (202) 466-3434
Purpose: To communicate to the American people about the progress made in civil rights, the continuing challenges, and the strength of the Nation's diversity.

The Leadership Conference Education Fund (LCEF) was established in 1969 to support educational activities relevant to civil rights issues. LCEF believes that an informed public is more likely to be supportive of policies promoting equal opportunity and to be committed to improving intergroup understanding across differences. Specifically, LCEF serves as an information clearinghouse on civil rights issues, issues reports, sponsors conferences and symposia, and through its civil rights education campaign, seeks to build a national consensus to combat bigotry of all kinds. LCEF's work includes a review of public policy related to civil rights and social and economic justice and an examination of intergroup relations in society's major institutions (education, community, and workplace). In addition, LCEF provides materials for young people, parents, and teachers to help them raise children who will grow up to accept and embrace the diversity of the country. For more information, contact: Leadership Conference Education Fund, 1629 K Street N.W., Suite 1010, Washington, DC 20006; (202) 466-3434, fax: (202) 466-3435; e-mail:

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