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Program: Facing History and Ourselves
Contact(s): (617) 232-1595
Purpose: To teach about the dangers of indifference and the values of civility to middle and high school students

Facing History and Ourselves is a non-profit foundation devoted to teaching about the dangers of indifference and the values of civility by helping middle and high school students confront the complexities of history in ways that promote critical and creative thinking about the challenges we face and the opportunities we have for positive change. The foundation provides teachers with developmental opportunities in the form of workshops, institutes, and seminars. Through regional offices, teachers have access to program follow-up as well as books, periodicals, speakers, and videotapes for classroom use. The program publishes as its primary resource book, Facing History and Ourselves: The Holocaust and Human Behavior, as well as study guides in history, ethics, and citizenship, including Participating in Democracy. For more information, contact: Facing History and Ourselves National Office, 16 Hurd Road, Brookline, MA 02146; (617) 232-1595, fax: (617) 232-0281;

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