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Asian Counseling and Referral Service Asian Counseling and Referral Service provides bilingual and bicultural human services and advocates for these services

Bridging the Gap Project, Inc. An Atlanta, GA area project designed to improve the quality of life of Georgia's refugee and immigrant communities through crisis intervention, education and youth outreach

Children's Outreach Center An East Palo Alto, CA center that works with children and mothers to promote self-esteem

Community Minority and Cultural Center, CASE Program A program which fosters understanding between the diverse youth of Lynn and local police officers

Conference on Racism: Yours, Mine, and Ours The Conference on Racism created to foster a dialogue on racism and establish the "12 Steps Toward Undoing Racism"

Cultural Diversity Program, American Lung Association Culturally sensitive programs and services which improve access to health care within urban communities

Cultural Sensitivity: Orientation for the New Juvenile Justice Professional Center for Juvenile Justice Training and Research, implemented a program to train juvenile justice probation officers to become more familiar with and sensitive to their clients' cultures

Culturally Competent Health and Human Services A program that provides mental health, social, educational and skills-learning programs to a diverse community

Delhi Center The Delhi Center is a nonprofit organization that works with a diverse Hispanic community to address social, economic and immigration issues in Santa Ana, California

Indians Into Medicine A program administered through the University of North Dakota School of Medicine that assists American Indian students in preparing for health care service to American Indian populations

Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS) Customer Service and Cultural Diversity Program A Phoenix, AZ based program that educates health care providers to be aware of and sensitive to different cultural norms and mores

Metropolitan Indochinese Children and Adolescent Services (MICAS)-South Cove MICAS provides mental health and social services to the Southeast Asian community, and collaborates with other community-based organizations to facilitate joint youth activities that foster inter-ethnic understanding in Lynn, Massachusetts

Minority Pathways to the Health Professions A program implemented through the University of North Texas Health Science Center to promote interest in the medical profession among multiethnic elementary, middle and high school, and college students

Multicultural Services Program-Catholic Social Services Catholic Social Services delivers comprehensive social services that help immigrants start new lives through economic self-sufficiency and cultural acclimation.

Native American Student Services, Phoenix College A Phoenix, Arizona program that helps Native American students integrate into life on campus

Piya Wiconi Project A Vermillion, SD, project funded by the Kellogg foundation and created to increase the number of Native American nurses serving rural areas and reservations

Plan to Foster Minority Representation and Participation in Physical Therapy An Alexandria, VA organization that sponsors workshops, mentoring programs, and an awards ceremony to promote cultural understanding among physical therapists

Team Harmony A Boston, MA annual, multi-media event combining entertainment, education and inspiration to help young people learn to respect one another's differences

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