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The President and First Lady sitting with panel members. On October 22, 1999, the White House hosted philanthropic experts, youth, program leaders, donors and innovators representing a wide range of racial, ethnic, economic and religious backgrounds, at the first ever White House Conference on Philanthropy. "Gifts to the Future" highlighted the unique American tradition of giving, discussed the diverse and changing face of philanthropy and explored how we as a nation can sustain and expand this tradition for future generations.

This website serves not only to inform you about the Conference itself, but to keep those interested in philanthropy apprised of related White House activities.

"Everywhere I go, people ask me how has the United States been able to make its democracy work for so many years. I tell them about our traditions of citizen service and philanthropy. How our democracy thrives, not just because of our free elections and our free markets, but because of that space between government and the economy where our citizens come together to help each other, to lend a hand in times of trouble, to support non-profit organizations and to ask how all of us can make a contribution to doing more."

-Hillary Rodham Clinton

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