Inside the White House

Spring 1996

Welcome to the spring 1996 issue of Inside the White House. This newsletter is designed to keep you informed about some of the important issues being discussed in Washington, D.C., both at the White House and on Capitol Hill. This issue focuses on our government and how it works.

Many young people write to me about the American system of government--asking questions about our laws, the qualifications a person needs to become President, and the role of the Supreme Court. I am pleased that so many young Americans are interested in these complex topics, and I hope this newsletter will help you learn and understand more about them.

Our government was founded on the principles of freedom and democracy set forth in the United States Constitution. It is guided by the "separation of powers" among the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. As President and head of the executive branch, my job is to defend the Constitution and to work to build a brighter future for all Americans.

I hope that you will continue to study our system of government and stay informed about current events. We are very privileged to live in a nation dedicated to the rights and liberties of its citizens, and we must each play a role in protecting the values that have always made America great.