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W elcome to the spring issue of Inside the White House, a newsletter designed to introduce you to some of the interesting people, places, and events in our nation's capital.   This issue focuses on some of the most beloved members of America's First Families — Presidential pets.

President Bill Clinton You may know that Mrs. Clinton, Chelsea, and I have a cat named Socks and a dog named Buddy.   These two special members of our family are very important to us, and we enjoy spending time with them.   Since Socks moved into the White House with us in 1993 and Buddy joined us in 1997, young people all over the world have not only written to me with questions about our pets, but they have also written to Socks and Buddy themselves.

Many First Families have shared the White House with their dogs or cats.   You might find it interesting to know, however, that some Presidents and First Ladies owned not only these kinds of pets, but also many others that might be considered odd by today's standards.   In the following pages, you'll learn about some of the more unusual animals that have lived at the White House.   I hope you enjoy this special look into a unique aspect of White House history.

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