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Socks and Buddy

Socks and Buddy's VIP Tour

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Socks and Buddy Welcome to the White House for Kids! Today, we will be your guides on an adventure through the White House. Before we begin, there are a few things that you should know.

This tour is organized into six sections: 1. Where is the White House; 2. The History of the White House; 3. Our President; 4. Children in the White House; 5. Pets in the White House; 6. and Write to the President. There are also several opportunities for you to leave the Kids section and enter the Welcome to the White House site. On the first page you may either click on the numbered colored stars, or click on the text underneath the image to go to any of the six sections.

During your visit you will see this image at the end of every section:


This image is your navigating tool. Just click on any of the stars to go to the top page of each section. The White House symbol will bring you back to the very first page, or click on our picture to come back to this page for more help.

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