March 31, 1999

Providing Crucial Humanitarian Assistance To Albania And Macedonia. Today, President Clinton announced the authorization of an additional $50 million to address the urgent humanitarian needs of refugees fleeing Kosovo:

In addition, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is today sending a second disaster assistance relief team to Albania to assess, on an urgent basis, the growing refugee needs there. The team is expected to arrive in Albania tomorrow. There is already a Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) team in Macedonia carrying out a needs assessment.

NATO Is Unified And Will Continue The Campaign To End This Crisis. NATO is resolved to stay the course until our objectives are met:

Milosevic's Pattern of Violence. Milosevic's latest atrocities are a culmination of more than a decade of using ethnic and religious hatred as a justification for uprooting and murdering completely innocent, peaceful civilians. NATO and the international community are facing a brutal, authoritarian dictator who for the fourth time this decade is waging a war of aggression and is engaged in massive ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity. Through most of 1998 Milosevic waged aggressive war against Kosovo's ethnic Albanians, killing more than 2,000 and displacing more than 250,000 ethnic Albanians.

The White House Briefing Room