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On Monday, April 24, the traditional Easter Egg Roll took place on the White House South Lawn from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. The Egg Roll is for children between the ages of three and six, accompanied by at least one adult. Other family members are permitted, as long as one person is age three to six.

To learn about the history of this annual event, visit the Easter Egg Roll page here on the White House web site.

This year, the White House Easter Egg Roll and all its many events were web cast live from the south lawn. Over 50 hours of film, captured by eight cameras over six hours is being edited for future viewing. We expect this edited broadcast to be available in early September. This material, much of it centering on reading activities, will be fun and interesting for children, their families and teachers. Be sure to return here then to read along with your favorite celebrities and cabinet members as they share their favorite children's stories.

The authorized vendor of the official White House Easter Eggs has a web site where you can purchase the wooden souvenir eggs from this year, 1999, and 1998. The 2000 souvenir egg was designed by artist Mary Engelbreit.