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April 29, 1999 Improving America's Schools
April 27, 1999 Working to Keep Guns Away from Youth and Criminals
April 23, 1999 Actions to Help Keep Our Schools Safe
April 22, 1999 An Open Dialogue on Preventing School Violence
April 20, 1999 Honoring NATO and the Legacy of Helmut Kohl
April 19, 1999 Honoring Teachers Of The Year
April 16, 1999 Committed to Peace in the Balkans
April 15, 1999 The Moral and Strategic Imperatives in Kosovo
April 14, 1999 Providing All Americans a New Opportunity to Save
April 13, 1999 Working to Bring Peace in Kosovo
April 12, 1999 Supporting Our Troops Serving In The Kosovo Combat Zone
April 9, 1999 A "Real" Patients' Bill of Rights for All Americans
April 8, 1999 Leadership For A More Stable, Open And Prosperous World
April 7, 1999 World Leader for Peace and Security
April 7, 1999 Providing Equal Opportunity and Equal Pay to All Americans
April 6, 1999 Working to Increase Tolerance and Prevent Hate Crimes
April 5, 1999 Providing Humanitarian Relief to Kosovar Albanians
April 2, 1999 Bringing Humanitarian Aid to Kosovar Albanians
April 2, 1999 The Longest Peacetime Expansion in History-- Over 18 Million New Jobs
April 1, 1999 A Commitment to Bring Peace to Kosovo

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