Thursday, December 11, 1997
Fighting for a Drug Free America

Almost two years ago, General McCaffrey and I came with the Attorney General to Miami to launch a comprehensive anti-drug strategy for the nation -- a common-sense plan to address an uncommonly complex problem...Thanks in no small measure to heroic efforts on the high seas, in the air and along our borders, this strategy is starting to show promising results.

President Clinton,
December 11, 1997

President Clinton: Fighting for a Drug-Free America

Today, President Clinton traveled to Miami, Florida, to salute the Coast Guard's heroic efforts in stopping drugs from reaching our shores and to highlight other promising results of the Administration's comprehensive national drug control strategy. The Administration's anti-drug strategy is making progress: overall drug use is down and drug use by 12 to 17 year-olds has started to decline, but, as the President underscored in his remarks today, there is more work to do.

Shielding America's Frontiers from the Drug Threat

Reducing Drug-Related Crime and Violence Educating Our Youth to Reject Drugs

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