Monday, December 7, 1998


For more than 30 years, Medicare has been much more than a government program. It has been a way for us to honor our obligations to our parents and grandparents. Medicare is an expression of the old and profound American belief that the bonds of mutual love and support between the generations must remain strong. Any threat to Medicare is a threat to these sacred bonds.

President Clinton
December 7, 1998

Today, at a White House event, President Clinton unveils a new legislative package that will save Medicare over $2 billion by combating fraud, waste and abuse. In addition, the President announces new administrative efforts to ensure that Medicare contractors are cracking down on fraudulent activities.

NEW LEGISLATIVE PACKAGE TO SAVE MEDICARE. President Clinton will send Congress a comprehensive legislative package to fight fraud, waste and abuse in the Medicare program as part of his FY 2000 budget. The President's proposals, which will give HCFA more tools to root out fraud in the Medicare system, include:

NEW ACTIONS TO HELP ENSURE MEDICARE CONTRACTORS FIGHT FRAUD. The President's announcements about new administrative efforts to ensure contractors are cracking down on fraud and abuse include:

BUILDING ON A COMMITMENT TO FIGHTING FRAUD, WASTE AND ABUSE. The President's announcements today build on the Administration's longstanding commitment to cracking down on fraud, waste and abuse in the Medicare system. Since 1993, the Administration's efforts have saved taxpayers more than $20 billion, with health care fraud convictions increasing by more than 240 percent.

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