Thursday, November 11, 1998


We must protect the benefits you have earned, address fully the dangers imposed by modern warfare, and preserve what you fought for: The American Dream at home and our leadership around the world.

-- President Bill Clinton

Today, President Clinton will commemorate Veterans Day and help honor our nation's veterans at a ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. He will also discuss Administration initiatives to ensure military readiness for the 21st Century. Prior to the event, the President will sign the Veterans Programs Enhancement Act of 1998, which will improve benefits and programs for veterans, and a Presidential Directive calling upon the Secretaries of Defense, Veterans Affairs, and Health and Human Services to establish a coordinating board to improve health care for our armed forces, veterans, and families.

Ensuring Our Military Remains The Best-Trained And Best-Equipped Force In The World. President Clinton considers military readiness -- ensuring that our armed forces are always ready to respond and have the tools to accomplish their mission -- to be the top priority of his national security program. The President worked to secure an additional $1.1 billion in military readiness funding for this fiscal year, which will allow our forward-deployed and first-to-fight units to maintain high standards of readiness throughout the year by:

Providing Needed Assistance To Our Nation's Veterans. The President will also sign H.R. 4110, the Veterans Programs Enhancement Act of 1998, to improve benefits and programs as follows:

A Strong Record Of Support For Veterans. President Clinton has fought to protect the benefits that veterans have earned and to address the new needs and challenges created by a changing world. The President has:

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