Thursday, July 23, 1998


Whenever disaster strikes, Americans join together as one community to help see their neighbors through. That is what we will do throughout rural America, to save the farmers who are losing their homes and whose crops are dying in the field. At this moment of broad prosperity for our nation, we can -- and must -- help our rural neighbors through this current crisis and strengthen rural communities for the 21st Century.

President Bill Clinton
July 23, 1998

A Presidential Plan Of Action. President Clinton is announcing a four-point plan for rural America that: (1) expands the rural economy through exports and development; (2) improves the farm income safety net; (3) strengthens rural infrastructure; and (4) promotes health, welfare, and a clean environment

Expanding The Rural Economy. President Clinton's plan:

Improving The Farm Income Safety Net. Last week, President Clinton called on Congress to relieve farm financial stress:

Strengthening Rural Infrastructure. The President's plan targets critical infrastructure that:

Promoting Health, Welfare, and A Cleaner Environment. The President's plan:

Five and A Half Years Of Progress, But Challenges Remain. For five and a half years, President Clinton and Vice President Gore have worked to expand opportunity for rural Americans and farm families. The Administration has provided critical di saster assistance to rural homeowners, farm owners, and business owners, as well as to ranchers who have lost livestock, fought to expand U.S. agricultural exports, improved our school lunch programs by buying surplus commodities, and worked to diversify the sources of enterprise and income in rural America.

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