Wednesday, July 14, 1999


"Since I took office, I have worked to craft a new social contract one that rewards work and responsibility and gives working families the help they need to succeed. Today, I am taking further executive action to ensure that work pays better than welfare."
President Bill Clinton
July 14, 1999

Today, in Baltimore, Maryland, President Clinton announced a series of executive actions he will take to help ensure that working families have access to food stamps. In a speech to the Democratic Leadership Council, the President announced three actions to promote work over welfare: allowing states to make it easier for working families to own a car and still be eligible for food stamps; simplifying food stamp reporting rules to reduce bureaucracy and encourage work; and launching a nationwide public education campaign and a toll-free hotline to help working families know whether theyre eligible for food stamps.

Supporting Working Families Through Executive Actions. For the past 6 years, President Clinton has worked to lift people out of poverty through a new social contract that rewards work, family, and responsibility. Along with the Earned Income Tax Credit, Medicaid coverage, and child care, food stamps are an important means of support for working families. Families with earnings up to 130% of poverty ($8.50 an hour for a family of three) can be eligible for food stamps, but only two of five working families eligible for food stamps actually apply for and receive them. Today, the President announced he will take three new executive actions to address the needs of working families:

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