Tuesday, June 2, 1998


More than half of those undercounted in the last census were children. A disproportionate number of the undercounted Americans were minorities. What that means is that some of our most vulnerable populations are routinely omitted when it comes time to providing federal funds for crucial services. An inaccurate census distorts our understanding of the needs of our people and in many respects, diminishes the quality of our democracy.

-President Bill Clinton
June 2, 1998

Today, President Clinton travels to Houston, Texas where he will lead a roundtable discussion on the need for a fair and accurate census. The President will be joined by eight members of the Houston community who will illustrate how a fair census is important to the lives and work of all Americans.

There Is A Need For a Full and Fair Census Count. According to the Census Bureau, the 1990 census missed over 8.4 million people and double-counted 4.4 million others. Missed counting among children, the poor, and minority groups occurred more often than others, making the overall count even more inaccurate.

An Accurate Census Is Important to All Americans. The census provides information that is the cornerstone of knowledge about the American people. It is the basis for virtually all demographic information used by educators, policy makers, journalists, and community leaders.

The Census Impacts Everyone. Census data is used by the government in allocating resources for a wide variety of programs, including:

The President Is Working To Ensure A Fair And Accurate Census. The Clinton Administration is working to ensure that Census 2000 is the most accurate census possible using the best, most up-to-date scientific methods as recommended by the National Academy of Sciences.

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