Wednesday, March 18, 1998


Now is not a time of rest... We must use this time of prosperity to make sure every single family in America has the ability to meet the challenges of the new economy. At this time of change, we cannot leave behind the working families... We must take new steps to provide health and retirement security, honor the value of work, and expand access to quality education and training for all Americans.

- President Bill Clinton
March 18, 1998

Today, President Clinton speaks at an apprentice training facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, highlighting the Administration's work to keep the American Dream alive for working families. The President's remarks address the concerns families wrestle with every day: preparing for retirement, educating their children, raising families in safe neighborhoods, and having access to quality health care.

A Moment Of Great Opportunity. Our nation has never had a better chance to help more working families achieve the American Dream. Under the President's leadership: unemployment has fallen to its lowest levels in 24 years; more than 15 million new jobs have been created; welfare rolls have fallen to their lowest point in 27 years; typical family income is up $2,169; home ownership levels are at their highest in history; housing starts are at their highest level in more than a decade; crime rates are lower than any time in 24 years; and the budget deficit is on its way to zero. The President is working to make sure all Americans share in these successes by:

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