Wednesday, March 2, 1999


We have a duty to use this time to strengthen our nation for the challenges ahead -- not to coast, not to bask in our prosperity, but to meet our obligations to the next generation. I am very proud that we stand together behind an agenda to do that.

President Bill Clinton
March 2, 1999

Today, President Clinton and Vice President Gore will meet with leaders from Congress to outline an agenda that will keep America strong as we enter the 21st Century and make crucial investments to strengthen Social Security and Medicare, ensure our children receive a world-class education, protect Americans in their health care decisions, and secure our environment for generations to come.

Investing The Surplus For The Future. President Clinton and Vice President Gore are committed to using this time of fiscal prosperity to secure our future. Rather than consuming the surplus for today, the Clinton-Gore Administration proposes to reserve nearly 90 percent of the projected budget surpluses -- almost $4 trillion -- over the next 15 years to help America meet our long-term retirement challenge. President Clinton proposes to reserve 62 percent of the surpluses for Social Security, 15 percent for Medicare, and 12 percent for USA Accounts. By practicing fiscal responsibility, the Administration's proposal will pay down nearly $3 trillion of our national debt. As a result, the publicly held debt will be cut by more than two-thirds and, as a share of gross domestic product (GDP), will fall from 44 percent today to 7.1 percent in 2014 -- its lowest level since 1917.

A Presidential Commitment To Strengthening Our Nation's Schools. Today's announcement is part of the President's comprehensive plan to provide our children with a world-class education for the 21st Century. The President's education agenda calls for:

Enabling Families To Succeed At Home And At Work. President Clinton and Vice President Gore are working to ensure that health care protection is strong and child and after school care are affordable and available:

Strengthening Our Communities For The 21st Century. President Clinton and Vice President Gore are calling for initiatives to keep our communities safe, secure, and livable in the 21st Century:

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