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June 30, 2000 Eliminating Barriers To Electronic Commerce While Protecting Consumers
June 26, 2000 Announcing The Completion Of The First Survey Of The Entire Human Genome
June 23, 2000 Announcing New Steps To Improve Physical Fitness For Americans
June 22, 2000 Challenging Congress To Act Now On Health Care Priorities
June 21, 2000 Highlighting The Need To Strengthen Our Gun Laws
June 20, 2000 Highlighting New College Opportunities For D.C. Residents
June 16, 2000 Working To Modernize America's Schools
  Encouraging Support Of Arts And Music Education
June 15, 2000 Expanding Education Opportunities For Hispanic Americans
June 14, 2000 Challenging Republicans To Provide All Seniors With A Real Medicare Benefit Option
June 14, 2000 President Clinton Urges Congress To Fully Fund His Gun Enforcement Initiative
June 13, 2000 Addressing The Challenges Facing Rural Seniors Who Need Prescription Drugs
June 12, 2000 Launching A New Era Of Ocean Exploration
June 9, 2000 Protecting America's Natural And Cultural Heritage
June 7, 2000 Taking New Action To Encourage Participation In Clinical Trials
June 6, 2000 Calling On Congress To Take Immediate Action On America's Agenda

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