Twentieth Century American Sculpture

I have always loved sculpture. My husband and I spent our first date in an art gallery's garden filled with American sculpture. We hope these exhibitions of 20th century American sculpture will delight, challenge, and inspire the thousands of visitors who pass through the White House every day.

It is appropriate that these exhibitions are on display in the garden created by and named for First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. Mrs. Kennedy believed that art could and should be part of all of our lives. Now these masterpieces of contemporary American art are accessible to a new and larger audience than ever before.

The sculptures from the different regions of the United States reflect and celebrate the special genius of American artists and their enduring capacity to stir our imaginations and touch our hearts.

I hope this celebration of America's creative spirit will enable each of us to gain a greater appreciation of the rich cultural traditions we share as a nation and as a people.

My special thanks go to the Association of Art Museum Directors, the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Foundation, J. Carter Brown, and the lending institutions, for their time, energy, and wisdom in making these exhibitions possible.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

These exhibitions were made possible
by the generosity of the
Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Foundation
with the cooperation of the
Committee for the Preservation
of the White House

and the
White House Historical Association
Photography by David Finn

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