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Request an Earnings and Retirement 
Benefits Estimate
Social Security Administration
A form, completed online, results in a mail return of your Social Security earnings history and how much in Social Security taxes you have paid into the program. It also estimates your future benefits and tells you how to qualify for those benefits.
Download Application for a Social Security Card
Social Security Administration
The actual form for applying for a Social Security card is available in both PDF and Postscript formats for Downloading.
Compute Your Own Benefit
Social Security Administration
The Social Security benefit estimate computer program is an interactive program that produces a "primary insurance amount" (PIA) for an old-age, survivor, or disability benefit, given the characteristics of the particular worker (such as birth date, past earnings, and type of benefit).
Download a Teachers 
Kit on Social Security
Social Security Administration
A set of materials for high school students that explains the Social Security system. Download five lessons plus an overview lesson that may be taught as a separate session. A 25 minute videotape also is available for copy when a blank tape is submitted.

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