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Federal Trade Commission
The National Fraud Information Center, a project of the National Consumers League, maintains a toll-free Consumer Assistance Service, at 1-800-876-7060, to provide consumers with answers to questions about telephone or mail solicitations, information about how and where to report fraud, referral services, and help in filing complaints.
Telemarketing Information
Federal Trade Commission
This service offers a variety of information about ways consumers can protect themselves from telemarketing fraud.
Consumer Protection and Business Education
Federal Trade Commission
ConsumerLine offers the full text of approximately 150 consumer and business publications on a wide range of categories, including credit, investments, health and fitness, telemarketing, home and real estate products and services, automobiles, and shopping and working at home.
Federal Trade Commission Actions
Federal Trade Commission
This service offers electronic copies of recent Federal Trade Commission documents, in both text and PDF formats.

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