Department of Health and Human Services
Consumer Health Information
Department of Health and Human Services
Search the healthfinder(TM) gateway web site for news and information on 1,000 health and human services topics, including toll-free numbers and more from government agencies and non-profit organizations. Make more informed choices for yourself and your family.
Medicare and Medicaid Information
Department of Health and Human Services
This is the best source for information on MEDICARE and MEDICAID.
Find out about Aging
DHHS -- Administration on Aging
Information for older persons, their families, and people interested in the subject of aging.
Cancer Information
DHHS -- National Cancer Institute
A wide range of accurate, credible cancer information covering state-of-the-art care to cancer facts sheets and other publications.
Visit the Kid's Home at NCI
DHHS -- National Cancer Institute
Visit the Kid's Home Page at the National Cancer Institute. Young cancer patients can read stories and poetry, submit pictures, and learn how other kids and their parents are coping with cancer.
Your Health and The Teen Scene
DHHS -- Food and Drug Administration
Health related articles on "Teen Scene" topics, ranging from nutrition and sun safety to eating disorders and preventing sexually transmitted diseases, are available.
Health Information for Travelers
DHHS -- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Before you travel, check here for the latest disease outbreaks and vaccine recommendations by region, cruise ship sanitation inspection reports, and other tips for international travelers.

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