President Clinton's Proposal

21st Century Support for Families

Changes in work and culture during the 20th century have created new challenges that must be addressed in order to strengthen our families. Too many Americans are spending more time at work just to make ends meets and less time at home. The President has unveiled a bold agenda that puts families first by helping struggling parents balance their responsibilities at work and at home, and ensuring that when they have to be at work, their children are safe and well-cared for.

Child Care

President Clinton's child care proposal includes subsidies to help families pay for child care, greater tax relief for working families as well as those who choose to stay at home to care for their young children, and dramatic increases in funding for after-school programs. The President's proposal will:

· Expand the Child Care Block Grant

· Greater Tax Relief for Child Care for Three Million Working Families

· New Child Care Tax Incentives for Businesses

· Tax Relief for Parents Who Stay at Home

· Expansion of After-School Opportunities for Over One Million Children

Working Families

· FMLA Expansion

· Prohibiting Discrimination Against Parents

· Minimum Wage Increase


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