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January 29, 1999

President Clinton Outlines Major Initiatives to Strengthen Our Nation's Cities

January 28, 1999

President Clinton Announces New Jobs Initiative

January 27, 1999

President Clinton Holds a Roundtable Forum on Social Security and Medicare

January 26, 1999

President Clinton Welcomes Pope John Paul II To America

January 25, 1999

President Clinton Announces New Welfare-To-Work Initiatives

January 22, 1999

President Clinton's Remarks on Keeping America Secure for the 21st Century

January 21, 1999

President Clinton Announces New Education Initiatives

January 20, 1999

Remarks of the President and Vice President to the People of Buffalo

January 18, 1999

President Clinton Delivers 1999 State Of The Union Address

President's Remarks at AmeriCorps Service Event Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King

January 14, 1999

President Clinton Announces The 21st Century Policing Initiative

January 13, 1999

Trial Memorandum of President William Jefferson Clinton

President Clinton Announces New Initiatives For Americans With Disabilities

January 12, 1999

President Clinton and Vice President Gore Announce Lands Legacy Initiative

January 11, 1999

Answer of President William Jefferson Clinton to Articles of Impeachment

President Clinton Welcomes Argentinian President Menem To The White House

January 08, 1999

President Clinton Addresses The Detroit Economic Club

Council of Economic Advisers' Report: Latest Jobs Report Indicates
That the Current Expansion Has Achieved Record Length

January 07, 1999

President Clinton Announces Expanded After-School Program Proposal

January 06, 1999

President Clinton Announces Budget Surplus for 1999 No Less Than $76 Billion

January 05, 1999

President Clinton Announces New Drug Prevention Initiative

January 04, 1999

Remarks of the President At Health Care Event


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