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December 23, 1997

Remarks by President Clinton at Race Outreach Meeting

December 19, 1997

President Clinton Discusses New Economy at Baldrige Awards Ceremony

December 18, 1997

President Clinton's Statement on Bosnia

December 17, 1997

President's Remarks at Space Medal Ceremony

December 16, 1997

President Clinton Delivers 152nd Press Conference
President Clinton Awards 1997 National Medals of Science and Technology

December 15, 1997

President Announces Bill Lann Lee as Acting Assistant General for Civil Rights

December 11, 1997

President Clinton Attends Drug Interdiction
Historic Climate Change Agreement Reached in Kyoto

December 10, 1997

President Clinton Visits the Bronx
Remarks by the President in Honor of Human Rights Day

December 08, 1997

President Clinton Speaks At Kennedy Center Honors Reception

December 3, 1997

President Clinton's Akron Town Meeting

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