• At least 13 million or 34 percent of Medicare beneficiaries have no insurance coverage for prescription drugs. These beneficiaries pay retail prices for prescription drugs, which can often be significantly more expensive than what large firms or public programs pay for the same drugs.
  • Mnay Uninsured in Middle Class: Pie Chart

  • More than half of Medicare beneficiaries without drug coverage are middle class. Over 50 percent of Medicare beneficiaries without drug coverage have incomes in excess of 150 percent -- an annual income of approximately $17,000 for couples. This indicates that targeting a drug benefit only to the low-income cannot address even half of the problem.

  • The income distribution of beneficiaries lacking drug coverage closely parallels that of all beneficiaries. This lack of difference suggests that everyone is at risk of losing their health insurance.

Lack of Insurance Affects All Medicare Beneficiaries: Bar Graph

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