Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release February 15, 2000

Fact Sheet

Cyber Security Budget Initiatives

The Clinton Administration continues its aggressive support for protecting our critical infrastructures through the budget process. President Clinton has increased funding on critical infrastructure substantially over the past three years, including a 15% increase in the FY2000 request of $2.0 billion over last year's $1.75 billion appropriation. This includes an increase from $451 million to $606 million in funding for research and development. The President has also developed and funded new initiatives to defend the nation's computer systems from malicious cyber activity. The Administration has developed and provided full or pilot funding for the following key initiatives designed to protect the federal government's computer systems:

In addition, the President announced that he has requested a $9 million supplemental appropriation for FY2000 to jump-start several of these important cyber programs before the start of the new fiscal year. This will fund:

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