President Clinton and Vice President Gore:
Actions to Protect Lake Tahoe
July 26, 1997

Our land of new promise will be a nation that meets its obligations . . . a nation that fortifies the world s most productive economy even as it protects the great natural bounty of our water, air, and majestic land.

President Clinton
Second Inaugural Address,
January 20, 1997

Over the past two months, the Clinton Administration has sought to highlight the progress made in Lake Tahoe and to reaffirm our commitment to its protection. The Administration convened three workshops leading up to the Presidential Forum on water quality; forest restoration, recreation and tourism; and transportation.

The Administration heard two clear messages at the workshops: First, the Administration should reaffirm its role in helping to manage this national treasure by improving coordination among federal agencies and with California, Nevada, the Washoe Tribe, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, other local units of government; this cooperation should be guided by the people in the region. Second, the Administration should take meaningful new actions on water quality, transportation, forest management, and recreation and tourism to protect Lake Tahoe's environment, and with it the area's economy and quality of life.

The President directed his Administration to begin acting on those recommendations. Over the past five years, federal agencies have committed an average of $12 million a year in the Lake Tahoe basin. The Administration is committing to double its annual investment in the basin for the next two years and will work with state and local partners to expand our joint commitment in succeeding years. Specifically, the Administration will take the following actions:

  1. Protecting Lake Tahoe and the Local Economy. The Administration is taking significant new actions to help Lake Tahoe's environment and economy.

    Improving Lake Tahoe's Fabled Water Quality.

    Guarding Against Catastrophic Wildfire. The Administration is acting to restore the forest and reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire.

    Improved Transportation. The Administration is taking action to improve transportation in the Lake Tahoe Basin. These measures will reduce congestion and cut transportation-related pollution of the air and water.

  2. Working in Partnership. The Administration is expanding and strengthening coordination among its own agencies and with California, Nevada, TRPA, and the Washoe Tribe.

Lake Tahoe Presidential Forum

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