Office of the Press Secretary
(Moscow, Russia)

For Immediate Release September 1, 1998


Joint Statement on the Exchange of Information
on Missile Launches and Early Warning

President Clinton and President Yeltsin today agreed on a new initiative for the exchange of information on missile launches and early warning. This agreement reaffirms the U.S.-Russian shared commitment to reduce the danger of nuclear conflict, strengthen strategic and regional stability, and develop common responses to the threat posed by the continuing global proliferation of ballistic missiles.

The U.S.-Russian agreement to share early warning information on the launch of ballistic missiles and space launch vehicles will significantly reduce the danger that ballistic missiles could be launched inadvertently on the basis of false warning of attack. It will also promote increased mutual confidence in the capabilities of the ballistic missile early warning systems of both sides. This initiative builds upon previous work and commits the two sides to develop advance planning and practical implementation as soon as possible.

The U.S. and Russia will develop arrangements for providing each other with continuous information on the launches of strategic and theater ballistic missiles and space launch vehicles detected by their respective early warning systems. Missile launch information could be sent to each side's national early warning centers, and possibly to a center operated by U.S. and Russian personnel working together, side-by-side. The U.S. and Russia will also work towards establishing a multilateral ballistic missile and space launch vehicle pre-launch notification regime in which other states would be invited to participate.

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