The President begins his visit to the Republic of Korea begins with a bilateral meeting with President Kim Dae-jung at the Blue House, the South Korean President's official residence. The Blue House, so called because of its roof of unique blue ceramic tile, is the official residence of the President of the Republic of Korea. The term "Blue House" refers not only to the official residence, but also to the entire complex of office buildings around it, including Presidential staff offices, a press center and the state guest hall. A joint press conference with the two Presidents is scheduled to take place at Blue House immediately after the bilateral meetings.

Following the joint press conference, the President will host a roundtable discussion with a broad array of Korean civil society leaders and democratic activists, including representatives from the media, business, labor and democratic advocacy communities. This event will provide the President with the opportunity to discuss the challenges and opportunities they face as the Republic of Korea grapples with its economic downturn and begins to mount its recovery. The discussion will also focus on ways in which South Korea serves as a model for a free market democracy throughout Asia.

President Kim is hosting a dinner for President Clinton at the State Guest House, a large two-story structure adjacent to the grounds of the Blue House.

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