President Clinton and Vice President Gore
Participate in NetDay

April 19, 1997

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Remarks by the Vice President

A Challenge to Connect Every Classroom to the Internet. Last year, President Clinton challenged America to connect every classroom and library to the Internet by the year 2000, with modern computers, educational software, and teachers that are as comfortable with a computer as they are with a chalkboard. This effort will ensure that, for the first time in our history, children from rural, suburban, or inner city schools will have the same access to the same universe of knowledge.

America Has Made Great Strides. To help achieve this goal, the President and Vice President launched a $2 billion, five-year Technology Literacy Challenge Fund, with $200 million in funding approved in 1996. In the last two years, the percentage of classrooms connected to the Internet has jumped from 3% to over 14%, and the percentage of schools connected to the Internet has jumped from 35% to 65%.

Today, President Clinton and Vice President Gore Jointly Announced New Administration Actions to Make Every Child Technologically Literate

Today's Announcement Builds on The Success Since the First NetDay in 1996. Since March 9, 1996, NetDay has spread across the country like wildfire, ensuring that thousands of schools are wired for the Internet. In 1996, an estimated 250,000 volunteers wired 50,000 schools as a first step towards Internet access. Organizers report that NetDay activities are occurring in more than 40 states on April 19th. In Florida, for example, NetDay volunteers are expected to wire 500 schools, putting Florida half-way to its goal of wiring 100% of its public and private schools.

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