Office of the Press Secretary
(Mexico City, Mexico)

For Immediate Release
May 6, 1997


Los Pinos Presidential Palace Residence
Mexico City, Mexico

Q President Zedillo, could you --

PRESIDENT ZEDILLO: The press conference will be later on, and I'll be delighted to answer there any questions.

Q Well, while we've got this opportunity, let me

just clarify what the Mexican government's position is on DEA agents being allowed --

PRESIDENT ZEDILLO: No, we'll talk about that in the press conference. Now we have to have our private conversation, and I have spoken about that before. Thank you.

Q Do you want DEA agents to stay here --

PRESIDENT ZEDILLO: We'll speak about all of those issues later.

Q Mr. President, are you sorry you waited until the fifth year of your presidency to come to Mexico?

PRESIDENT CLINTON: I'm just glad to be here now. You know, we've had -- I'm coming to Latin America three times in less than a year, and in the first term I did a lot of work on it. You know, we had the Summit of the Americas and we had a lot of involvement with Mexico, with NAFTA and the difficulty with the peso, so I think we've had a lot of very close contact. And I'm glad to be here; I like it here.

Q Mr. President, can you assure DEA agents that they'll be safe here?

PRESIDENT CLINTON: We're going to have a press conference later. We'll answer all on all of the decisions and


Q What do you think of the stock market soaring past 7,000?

PRESIDENT CLINTON: Americans are happy; they ought to be. The country's doing well, we're going to do better.

Q Do you think your budget deal is responsible?

PRESIDENT CLINTON: It didn't hurt. (Laughter.)

THE PRESS: Thank you.

President Clinton's Tour of Mexico, Costa Rica, and Barbados