Office of the Press Secretary
(Bonn, Germany)

For Immediate Release June 21, 1999


U.S. - EU Cooperation on Russia and Ukraine

President Clinton and leaders of the European Union (EU) today agreed to strengthen cooperation in four areas encompassed by our relations with Russia and Ukraine: the Expanded Threat Reduction Initiative, combating infectious diseases (such as tuberculosis), nuclear environmental cooperation, and food aid:

  • The United States is leading international efforts to marshal resources for Russia and the other New Independent States so that they can meet the needs for high priority security, arms control and nonproliferation under the Expanded Threat Reduction Initiative. The EU is a leading contributor to these efforts.
  • The United States has launched a pilot program on tuberculosis in three Russian oblasts, and has encouraged the EU to undertake complementary programs.
  • The second round of negotiations toward a Multilateral Nuclear Environmental Program for Russia was held June 9-11 in Paris, and the United States is encouraged by progress made towards the framework agreement.
  • The United States and the EU agreed to new efforts to better monitor the distribution of food aid in Russia and Ukraine, to ensure that humanitarian needs within these countries are adequately met.

At today's Summit, the United States and EU welcomed the latest agreement between the IMF and Russia on the prior actions it must take for renewed economic support and are encouraging Russian compliance with it.

The United States and the EU are also committed to support democratic and economic reforms in Ukraine. Following a joint statement on Ukraine at the December 1997 U.S.-EU Summit, we have had intensive consultation and ongoing practical cooperation with the EU on specific issues in Ukraine, including power sector reform, civil society development, and the establishment of a regional environmental center in Kiev. U.S. and EU health experts are also exploring the feasibility of cooperating on HIV issues in Ukraine.

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