Dr. Juergen Stark

Date of Birth: May 31. 1948
1968 - 1973 Studies in Economics at the Universities of Stuttgart and Tbingen
1973 Diploma in Economics
1973 - 1978 University Assistant at the University of Hohenheim
1975 Doctorate in Economics
1978 - 1988 Federal Ministry of Economics Deputy Head of Division (Economic Policy Directorate)
1982 - 1983 First Secretary at the Permanent Mission of Germany in Geneva
1988 - 1992 Federal Chancellory Head of Division (International Economic and Financial Relations, Monetary Policy, Financial Markets)
1992 - 1993 Federal Ministry of Finance Deputy Director General (National Monetary Policy, Capital Markets, Germany as a Financial Centre, Public Sector Borrowing)
1993 - 1994 Director-General (European and International Monetary and Financial Relations, Financial Relations with the EU)
Since January 1995 State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Finance Responsible for European and international monetary and financial issues, general fiscal policy matters, tax policy, banking, insurance, Germany as a financial centre

Personal Representative (Sherpa) of the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany for the preparation of the Economic summits


Summit of the Eight