On Tuesday, the President begins visits Shanghai and holds a roundtable discussion with Chinese citizens who are helping to shape the landscape of contemporary Chinese society, in areas including: business, law, the arts, media, and religion. The roundtable discussion will be held at the Shanghai Library, a new municipal library housing over one million volumes and the latest technology in digitalized data management, Internet access and book retrieval services.

Following the roundtable discussion, the President attends a reception at the new Shanghai Museum as a guest of the mayor of Shanghai. The Shanghai Museum opened in 1996, and is a symbol of Shanghai's growth and prosperity and a centerpiece of its cultural renaissance. The museum contains some of the finest displays of ancient and modern Chinese art in the world. Its collection, contributed mostly by private donors, includes bronzes and ceramics, coins, jade, furniture, ethnic minority artifacts and folk art, and paintings. The bronze collection is generally regarded as the best in the world. Built without central government assistance, it serves all of China as the finest repository in the country for the artistic riches of five millennia of Chinese history and achievement.

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