On Sunday, the President attends services at Chongwenmen church, the first American Methodist-Episcopal church built in northern China. It is the largest Protestant church in Beijing and was founded in 1870. One of its pastors, Wu Wei, will visit the United States this summer under an USIA International Visitor Program (IVP) grant. Reverend Billy Graham preached at Chongwenmen twice and former President George Bush attended services there.

Following church services, the President will tour the Forbidden City. Located in the center of Beijing, the Forbidden City is the largest and best-preserved palace complex in China. Once the imperial palace of the Ming and Qing emperors, it now is open to the public, receiving over 10,000 visitors each day.

During the afternoon, the President will travel to Mutianyu, located 40 miles outside Beijing to tour a portion of the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall at Mutianyu is located about 40 miles northeast of Beijing; it only recently has been opened to tourists. Originally constructed in the mid-6th century, it was rebuilt in the 14th century by the Ming emperors. The masonry at Mutianyu consists of rectangular granite covered by gray bricks. The main castle has three connecting watch towers -- a large tower in the center with two smaller ones on either side.

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