Faces of China

The President will be meeting with representatives of various communities during his trip to China. Be sure to visit this page for information and photographs of Chinese citizens.

During the President's visit to the Xiahe Village, he met with Chinese citizens and discussed what it is like to live through these changing times in China. Below are profiles of some of the participants.


FANG FANG, age 20, is a sophomore at Jiaotong University. She is studying reforms in education and has a computer related major. After attaining a Master's Degree, Fang wants to work in a private company and eventually run her own business. Fang is single and currently supported by her parents while in college.
Dr. Yang Yiquan, age 53, is one of two doctors at the Xiahe village clinic. He learned traditional Chinese medicine at home from his father, also a doctor. Yang uses both Chinese and Western medicine to treat patients. Dr. Yang is married and owns a local tour bus which is run by his wife. She also enjoys farming. They have two daughters ages 15 and 25.
Ms. Liu is a young mother and first grade teacher in her native village of Xian. This second year teacher uses innovative teaching methods to face the challenge of facing 62 students in her class. Her school uses experimental teaching methods designed to promote greater student interest and enhance their overall education experience.
Mr. Yang owns a profitable soy sauce and vinegar factory, which he established in 1987. Prior to starting his own business, he served as director of a production team for a local-state owned enterprise and later as head of Xiahe's local art office.

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