President Clinton and Vice President Gore:


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President Clinton and Vice President Gore are standing with America's families. During budget negotiations with Congress, the President and Vice President fought for educational initiatives to ensure our children continue to receive a world-class education; environmental policies that will help ensure our water is clean; economic policies that will aid farmers during times of crisis and uphold our responsibities to the International Monetary Fund; Welfare-To-Work programs to help people make a successful transition onto the payroll, critical investments in Research and Development; Health initiatives to provide care for people in times of need, and many other initiatives that are working to help America.

This fiscal year also marks the first budget surplus in a generation. In his State of the Union address, President Clinton asked a basic question -- what should we do with this projected surplus?-- and gave an historic four-word answer: Save Social Security First. With our fiscal house in order, marked by the first budget surplus in a generation, President Clinton is determined to seize this unique opportunity to strengthen this most important program for generations to come. Protecting the surplus is a key step towards enacting Social Security reform. President Clinton defeated repeated efforts to squander the surplus and, at the end of this Congress, it remains intact.



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