Rosie The Riveter — This doll represents the women of America who traded in their aprons during the war years of 1941 to 1945. They became the workforce that produced the equipment to fight World War II.

Amelia Earhart — This doll is a tribute to Amelia Earhart — complete with a leather bomber jacket and cap — in flight on the wings of her plane.

Dolley Madison — Exquisite and elegant Dolley Madison dressed in china silk and antique lace.

Susan B. Anthony — In honor of this great advocate of the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution in 1923 giving women the right to vote. (In her handbag is a Susan B. Anthony dollar coin.)

Jack St. Clair Kilby — His invention of the "chip" in 1958 at Texas Instruments spawned the microelectronics revolution and pioneered industrial, military and commercial applications of microchip technology.

Georgia O'Keeffe — Dedicated to her American Art — dressed in a black skirt and suit jacket along with her scarf, black Gaucho hat and penny loafers. She holds a paint brush in her right hand.

Martha Graham — She created a "uniquely American" style of dance and said, "The American Dancer owes a duty to the American Audience. We must look to Americans to bring forth an art as powerful as the country itself." She is depicted in this ornament dancing in "Frontier" in 1935.

Mary Travers — She and her group "Peter, Paul and Mary" have celebrated our country and chronicled, through song, the most important movements and social issues of contemporary American history: the civil rights movement, the Vietnam War protests, and the importance of children and family.

Sojourner Truth — She fought to abolish slavery and spoke out for women's suffrage. Although she could not read, she could quote the Bible word for word, and was a powerful speaker. She holds a Bible in one hand.

Charles Lindberg — The artist made this doll in honor of our national aviation hero.

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