Tipper Gore's Hot List
The following links are agencies and organizations that Mrs. Gore has had contact with during her work on mental health, homelessness, and family issues. Hopefully, these links will be a helpful resource for those with concerns and questions.
Links to Pages Relating to Mental Health
NIMH NIMH-The National Institute of Mental Health. This site contains a searchable database of information concerning mental illness. Nimh research has broadened our understanding of diagnosis and treatment on mental disorders.
SAMHSA SAMHSA-The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has information concerning mental illness and its relation to drug abuse. The page makes people aware of the need for programs and educational resources for drug abuse and mental illness.
HCFA HCFA- Health Care Financing Adminstration provides information regarding Medicare and Medicaid programs.
NIH NIH- National Institute of Health. Link to the National Library of Medicine for a complete resource for medical education, research and service of Federal and private agencies.
Links to Pages Relating to The Homeless
HUD HUD- The Department of Housing and Urban Development has a searchable database of over 1,000 documents on the subject of homelessness. (Search the Interagency Council on the homeless for more specific information on this issue.)
Links to Pages Relating to Children's Issues
HHS HHS- In the Department of Health and Human Services web site, look at the Administration for Children and Families. This is a program that promotes economic and social well-being of families, children, and communities.